Cycle the Seto Inland Sea Islands, Hiroshima & Kyoto

 Spring 2021

Spring is an ideal time to visit Japan before the heat of the summer. This personalized tour takes you to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and the Inland Sea islands by bicycle, local train, and high-speed train. Cycle across spectacular bridges with separate bikeways, linking the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. Pedal past citrus farms and fishing villages, stay in a traditional inn, soak in a hot spring spa. Explore Hiroshima, city of seven rivers, visit the Peace Park & Museum. Speed by bullet train to Kyoto, the ancient capital, and visit World Heritage temples and shrines. Enjoy a small group tour of 6-10 people and gain an insight into Japanese culture and daily life.

The emphasis of the tour is on enjoying the scenery, meeting local people, and experiencing the culture, including tea ceremony, sake tasting, and art museums. Daily biking distances range from 20 – 40 miles at a moderate pace. Luggage is transported, so only carry what’s needed for the day. Bring your own bike or option to rent. The tour begins in Takamatsu city in Shikoku and ends in Kyoto.

Small group of 6-10 participants 

For more information,  email: info@japancycletour.com  

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